Tiptree Gooseberry Jam

Tiptree, Wilkin and Sons Ltd

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  • Made with tender young green gooseberries, grown at Tiptree, this tart preserve is an old English favorite. The fruit itself is usually comparable in size to blueberries and come in a delightful color range, from green to red to purple. The interior flesh of the berry will match the color of the skin, but has a slightly translucent appearance.
  • Tiptree has been growing fruit & making preserves since 1885 in Essex County, England. We grow a wide range of traditional fruits on the farm right next to our factory, producing some of the highest quality preserves & marmalades the world has tasted.
  • We use traditional techniques including cooking the fruit in small batches using copper pans to make the highest consistent quality – each batch produces only 150 jars of product.
  • Gluten free, made in a nut free factory, suitable for vegetarians.