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Terry's Orange Milk Chocolate is a popular British chocolate confectionery product created by Terry's in 1932 at Terry's Chocolate Works in York, England. It is a ball of milk chocolate with orange oil, divided into 20 segments, similar to a real orange, and wrapped in orange-skin patterned foil.The chocolate is made with a blend of milk chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar, and orange oil. The orange oil gives the chocolate a distinctive orange flavor. The chocolate is divided into 20 segments, which are similar to the segments of an orange. The segments are wrapped in orange-skin patterned foil.Terry's Orange Milk Chocolate is a popular snack food and is often enjoyed as a dessert. It is also a popular gift item.Terry's Orange Milk Chocolate is a delicious and popular chocolate confectionery product. It is a great way to enjoy the flavors of chocolate and orange.No matter how you enjoy it, Terry's Orange Milk Chocolate is sure to be a delicious treat.