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Spirit of Ireland Marino Wool Blanket

Patrick KIng Woolen Company

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Our traditional clan and custom tartan throws are woven using a shutterless loom for our Highland Collection, producing high-quality wool and vibrant colours. Unmatched in quality and durability, Patrick King Woollen Company blankets are natural, breathable and sustainable.

These Merino Wool blankets are perfect for your gifts, campers, cottagers and everyone who appreciates the warmth, comfort and style of woollen products at home.

Spirit of Ireland
Designed and exclusively offered by Patrick King, the Spirit of Ireland tartan represents the struggles of many immigrants who ventured to North America to dream of a better life. The colours are inspired by Ireland’s national flag combined with her lush green countryside and rolling hills.


Merino Wool


69″x 62″ / 175cm x 157cm, 3"/ 7.5cm fringe

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water