Mens Traditional Aran Crew Neck Sweater

Saol Irish Knitwear

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  • 100% Merino Wool
    Merino wool is one of the best types of wool to wear in the fall and winter. It traps dead air to insulate from the cold while wicking away moisture from the skin to provide comfortable breathability, along with rich softness.

  • Crew Neck Collar
    A classic crew neck collar lends a sporty yet refined touch that brings some style balance to the elegant Aran stitching of the sweater. The round shape of the collar is also versatile enough to look great on any man.

  • Aran Stitching
    Rich Aran stitching lights up this sweater with Irish tradition that is full of amazing depth and texture. These striking stitches also have meaning, with the honeycomb representing hard work, the cable symbolizing hopes for success, and the diamond signifying wealth.

  • Color Variety
    This charming sweater is available in Army Green, Natural, and Charcoal, three diverse colors that should all be added to your wardrobe for a wide variety of ensemble and color scheme options.

  • Lightweight Feel
    What makes this sweater wonderful is that it offers a lightweight design that provides all-day comfort. This feature also makes it perfect for layering with other pieces for style and practical adaptability.