Magic Hanky Irish linen Baby Bonnet for Baptism, Christening

Bridgets of Erin

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Made from REAL Irish Linen, these handmade Baby Bonnets are a perfect gift.  The Magic Bonnets come with instructions on how to remove the stitches and turn the Bonnet back into a Shamrock Lace Handkerchief.   This beautiful Heirloom Gift then gets carried in the child's (Bride) future wedding.   If the baby is a boy, the hanky is given to his bride.  Hankie comes in a beautiful fabric pouch with white ribbons.
The Magic Hanky
I'm a Little Hanky as Beautify as can be, 
And with a Stitch or two A bonnet was made for me.
I can be worn home from the hospital or on the Christening Day,
And then I will be tucked away to await the Wedding Day.
On her Wedding Day, a hanky I will be.
And if it so happens to be a boy and someday, he should marry, 
He can give his lovely Bridge a hanky she can carry.