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Bailey & Brooke CAndle Rosemary & Lavender Filled Tumbler Glass

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A deeply aromatic blend of Italian Rosemary and French Lavender producing a stylish scent. A delightful fragrance that will refresh and invigorate. 

Our Rosemary & Lavender candle is hand crafted using a natural blend of wax and a lead-free cotton braided wick. This combined with essence of essential oils means the candle is of the highest quality

Burning time: 48 hours 

Produced by Irish Company Bailey & Brooke, which signifies luxurious designs and exceptional quality, the candle will make sure to enhance your room.

Bailey & Brooke Top Tip: After your candle has burned out , the tumbler glass can be used as drinking glass. Simply fill with hot water (in a safe area, please take care while using hot water) and wait while the remaining wax gathers together. Soak for a few hours, remove wax , rinse and pop in dishwasher. Now your Bailey & Brooke candle glass is now a perfect addition to your glass wear.