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When Irelands Eye Knitwear started out, it was very much a family business – and that’s even more true today! To date, no less than a grandfather, father, mother, three brothers, two sisters and eight grandchildren have been involved with the company.

Over the course of the past forty years, this native Dublin family has worked tirelessly to develop the company into a leading international knitwear brand – aided and abetted by a talented and committed workforce many of whom have been with the company in excess of twenty years.

Inspired by the windswept coastline of Ireland…

It’s fair to say that knitwear is in our blood. Some of our earliest memories are of our father knitting chunky sweaters in the garage of our home in Dublin. His inspiration came from the need to wrap up against the elements, the chill coastal winds whipping Irelands Eye and the nearby fishing village of Howth where the fishermen bring their catch ashore.

It’s little wonder, then, that the current generation of O’Sullivans chose to combine this inherited passion for knitwear with our livelihood, creating a brand that’s now sold in over 20 countries around the world

From small acorns…

Like many other family businesses, we started small and grew slowly but surely. We were very proud of our first ever premises, modest as it was, however we’ve long since outgrown it as our company developed over the years and our business home needed to grow with the brand.

We’ve built the Irelands Eye brand by looking to combine a traditional Irish knitwear heritage with the very best of European design and it’s a business model that has stood us in good stead for over four decades.

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