Friendship Gardens

Friendships Garden is the name given to our family crafting business.It was named in honor of my mother's favorite scent,which she wore throughout her whole life.Our fondness for all that's Celtic,plus our love of craft making,brought us to where we are today.Kim(niece) makes fragrant soaps ,all done in lovely Celtic motifs.They are made from a simple soap base with delectable fragrances derived from pure essential oils,and goat's milk,olive oil,or shea butter,to produce a great moisture content,and longevity of the product.People have stood in lines just to savor the scent,and the soaps are sold out ,at our Celtic events.Carol(daughter),with help at times from her daughters,makes precious miniature Celtic houses from clay(about the size of your thumb),as well as leprechaun brooches,pot of gold magnets,Celtic pendants,and Christmas ornaments.Her crafts are full of whimsey,and you never know what she will come up with next.Her creativity is boundless.My name is Lynn(Mom,Grandmother,and Aunt)to the family,and I make fairy houses,as well as ancient Celtic (mud and twig) dwellings from Ireland,Scotland,Wales,and England.This includes round houses,turf houses,and cottages.Also,I produce stone circle replicas from each country,as well as bendable fairies,brownies,and leprechauns to go with any magical home.Every dwelling or place is done with love,and respect,along with the deep feeling of "yes" I could live there.All of our crafts are made with love and appreciation for all that's whimsical,imaginative,mystical,and magical.Lots of love and support come from every member of our family in this venture.
Lynn,Kim,Carol,and family

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