Celtic Wedding Services

We can help you with everything you need to create a truly Celtic Wedding. You might just want to add a small touch to make the event special or go all out with Kilts, Celtic Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands, a Bagpiper and a Special Ceremony. The best part is that it does not have to cost a lot of money and your event will truly reflect your very special heritage.

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Purchase a Kilt

If you want to purchase a Kilt, we can properly measure you and have your new kilt made by one of our Authentic Scottish Kilt Manufacturers. We work with Gaelic Theme, Locharran, Welsh Tartans, and House of Edgar. Prices start at $350 for a 5.5 yard kilt. We also sell Highland Wear, Kilt Accessories, Piping Supplies and more!

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Kilt Rentals

We offer a wide selection of styles and sizes of Kilts for rental, including kilts for weddings, special events, Irish and Scottish heritage organizations and parties.

Contact us today to rent a kilt and accessories from Oxford Hall.

Your Package Includes:

  • Kilt in Your Choice of Tartans
  • Kilt Pin
  • Tuxedo Shirt w/Black Bow Tie
  • Cuff Links & Buttons
  • Prince Charlie or Argyle Jacket
  • Socks w/Matching Flashes
  • Ghillies (Black Shoes)
  • Sgian Dubh
  • Sporran w/Chain

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